What on Earth is Expeditions:Vikings?

If you look at a lot of my reviews for games, you”ll notice a lot of these have squad turn based combat. One of the best executions of this genre is Expeditions:Vikings. Based in a land where you are the child of your viking clan, you must set out to a new world with your most trusted members and bring glory to your clan so the other members of the larger clans see you fit to be the leader of your village. With there being a lot of characters they bring to you  to go on this adventure, they also allow you to not just create your own character, but other characters in you clan as well.

The game revolves around you exploring this new worlds and discovering different factions as well as different quests to go on for loot and/or reputation with the mentioned factions so they might like you. As you win more battles you earn points to spend on different abilities for each of your vikings and it is crucial to have a mixed party in order to deal with each type of enemy the game will throw at you because a lot need to be handled differently.


The most fun in the game is being able to stop any unwanted encounters or making them easier by having the right stats to intimidate the enemy, talk them down or straight up stab their leader leaving your attacker with one less person to fight in the upcoming battle. There are also a lot of characters to talk to and go back to in order to see how their own side plots unfold and see how your villagers develop overtime while you are away. You are also able to upgrade your village and with your vikings walking everywhere you will also have to camp out at night which is time used to rest, create weapons, guard the area from raiders and heal any damaged units wounds.

This is one of the most viking games you can find on the market right now as it really gives you what they would do back in the day, pillage for glory to your clan and a way to do it, be it by taking down one of the larger factions by siding with the other, or just straight up destroying both of them for the most glory in the game. This games only downside in my opinion is the fact that there is a time limit to get this all done because there are a lot of interesting side events that might not be fully discovered if you waste your time doing not important things like camping too much or traveling to already visited places. Other than that its a game I loved to play through and would definitely play again.


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