6 comments on “Why I Prefer PUBG Over Fortnite

  1. I agree with the realistic tactics points you made. When I’m playing Fortnite it’s fun but it’s mad easy to get into the top 50. In PUBG I’m always struggling to get into the top 50 because of the realistic tactics they have. Also COD WWII way better than warfare.

    • I have yet to try any new call of duties since they disappointed me with Advanced Warfare. Also thats the reason why I like it, much rather die from someone who earned the kill rather than a lucky unrealistic tactic.

  2. I also prefer pubg over fortnite. Fortnite is free to play and if u want to win u have to play together. In pubg u don’t have to play together to have any chance to win. Another reason is pubg is not free to play so there is less young people. Have a great day 😎

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