12 comments on “Who the F are Greeks?

    • Definitely! In school learning bout it can get pretty boring! But it can be fun LOL !

  1. Wow you are making my favorite place in the world. It so rich with history , I just want to go live there and forget about everything. Lol !

    • Alright, I’ll smuggle you in my suitcase next time! LMFAO 😂 (Plus everything is cheap!, Hear that Duane Reade?! , LOL)

    • I’m glad you are intrigued! I’m gonna need to arrange a travel pack to get us going!

    • Haha! That was not me actually although I have done it! It’s very exciting, you should try it once! #YOLO 😄

  2. I am interesting to visit Greeks, I visited Turkey and some people said when i like Turkey i will like Greeks, That my next plan ,,

    • Definitely! You will love Greece, better over Turkey I think! (We are a little more free you know… 😏 )

      • Sure all countries have difference things but really i hope to visit Greek.

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