4 comments on “Grammy Awards : The Adele’s triumph !

  1. Oh wow your reasoning that Beyonce should have won the grammy is so hilarious. “Because she’s an amazing and perfect woman, wife and mom” really ? Adele is a mom and wife and certainly nobody’s perfect. I believe Adele won that grammy fair and square. Lemonade was Beyonce’s worst album.

  2. You’re don’t understand. It was really not a judgement, it is good that Adele won because she deserves it . I’ve just repeat the words of her speech for Beyonce, it is not mine. Sorry if you not understand (my English is not very well too;)) and in any case, people is free to think what they want.

    • oh.. I thought you were referring to the fact that some people said Adele didn’t deserve the grammy. But my bad 🙂

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