5 comments on “March 23rd, 2016 at 12:46p.m.

  1. is this entry a true story? if so, that is a lot to go through but you still see your mom as your hero — very admirable & sweet. if not, that’s a good imagination/storytelling skill you’ve got there :)) oh & I too am in the middle of finals week & it’s so stressful. I just try to remember that I just have to get through this next week & it’s over & the hard work will be SO worth it. We got this ;))

    • Unfortunately this is a true story! I didn’t realize how gruesome and vulgar this story was until I saw your comment. Sorry! Yes, after the next few weeks I know I will be relieved that I survived this semester. I just hope I’ll live to see the day! Haha.

      • Oh wow. No, i didn’t think it aas gruesome or vulgar! I was impressed how you were still positive afterwards & thankful for your mom’s strength. Inspiring :)) lol we are def In the same boat with finals! Just can’t wait til they’re done!

      • Thank you! I didn’t have the best childhood memories but I do view everything I’ve seen and been through as a learning experience and it has definitely made me into the person I am today! Thank you for reading!

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