6 comments on “Not Another Coffee Post

  1. The aesthetic of coffee in a mason jar is everything I need my coffee to look like. I say this as I am drinking Starbucks out of a plain red coffee cup. My friend and I love exploring coffee shops around the city and I am most definitely adding these places to my list! Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. This list is great! I’ve only been to Ost, so I can’t wait to visit the others! You mentioned that Water Witch brews Tandem Coffee, so now I have a question: Do you have a favorite roaster? (I really love Counter Culture.)

    • Really love Counter Culture too, but I’m a big fan of Intelligentsia and Brooklyn Roasting Company, only if brewed right (easier said than done). Do you have a preferred brewing style?

      • Ooo, I love Brooklyn Roasting Company, too! I’m not as familiar with types of brewing styles, but my roommate is a barista, so I’ll have to pick her brain.

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