6 comments on “I’ve Made It To The Gym… Applause Please

  1. Over the summer, I used to go to the gym religiously. Since the start of school and work picking up again, I never have the time. This mentality is and has alway been my excuse for not going to the gym during the school. The truth is that i can make time and the reason I do not go the gym is because I do not enjoy the environment. I continue to pay for the gym I used to attend every month because in the back of my mind I think that I will go next week or next month. I think I need a change of scenery and environment, different from that my current gym provides me. You should write a blog post about the gyms you have considered if you have filtered through a few of them!

  2. Sam, it’s always hard to find time. But I relayed my goals to my friends and they understand if I can’t meet them at a certain time or have to reschedule. Just have to make it work. Stop paying for that gym! Thank you for the idea. I did mostly online research and “window shopped” on the gyms so I don’t know if I have anything interesting to say in that area. Go find a gym that makes you want to go, even if it’s just for the aesthetics.

  3. I’ve pass a NYHRC (56th Street) all the time when I go to get lunch. It just looks nice, for sure. A hell of a lot nicer than most of the gyms out here on Long Island.

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