7 comments on “Bakealicious Creations

  1. I love baking so much! Though I’ve never been very good at the decorating part. All of the cakes look so gorgeous and delicious.

    • Thank you so much! They have classes at Michael’s and Ac Moore for pretty cheap, if you’re interested.

  2. That’s really exciting! What a great way to make a business out of doing something fun, and with your mom! I love cakes decorated in fondant, so now I know where to go if I want one. Do you have a website or social media page?

  3. Loved hearing about your new business! I also love to bake ! I haven’t in a long time because school got busy and every time I baked a cake or dessert my family and I would have to eat it haha. But I do still bake for holidays. Keep going! Thats awesome! BTW These cakes look amazing!

  4. First off those cakes look so delicious.
    I like the fact that you took a hobby that you and your mother enjoy and turned it into a business. Congratulations on that!

    I try baking once in a while and it doesn’t turn out as perfectly as i would expect so if you have any pointers, i’m open to listen!

  5. This is awesome! My sister loves to bake as well and since freshman year of high school knew that she wanted to open up a business of her own. She did a gig for a local restaurant and always bakes for family events. She’s baked my birthday cake for a few years now – it’s the only one I want! Any tips for her as she’s starting out and trying to figure out the process?

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