6 comments on “4 Reasons Why I Love Working in a Restaurant

  1. working in a restaurant is so much fun, my best friend worked at the Naya over on 59th and I used to go visit her regularly, with time the whole staff grew to love me, i even got invited to their thanksgiving dinner !

    • That is what I love so much about restaurants––it’s like a family! Being part of something like that, especially in New York, is really exciting.

  2. I completely agree, working in a restaurant in such a great experience. It also learns discipline and respect, and how to keep self-control in hard moments !

    • That’s very true! You have to have a lot of patience and self-discipline. Do you currently work in a restaurant, or have you worked in one before?

      • Yes ! No it was 2 years ago, as a summer job. It was only 2 months but I learned a lot about me. It was really a great experience ! Hope you will keep enjoying !

      • That’s great to hear! I love that you had a great experience, and I’m sure you have stories to tell from that time, too… Thank you!

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