8 comments on “My Afro

  1. I am not brave enough to rock the fro but that doesn’t mean that I am ashamed of my hair texture. Personally I choose to use protective styles like weaves and braids. I can see how people see this as “hiding” and pretending to be someone I am not but that is not the case. I love the variation and flexibility and weaves and braids gives me. I love my natural hair and what do you do to or what something you love — you protect it. I choose to protect my crown while you choose to embrace yours. Either or is perfectly fine! Thank you for this post!

    • You’re not hiding. Braids are my backup to when i’m super lazy (which is often).
      ” I choose to protect my crown while you choose to embrace yours” *thumbs up* I like how you put that.

  2. I’m glad you grew to love your afro. I think its great how you choose to wear it with pride and set an example for other girls and woman who have the afro hair in their genes.

  3. I can sort of relate to this. I had long hair and decided to finally cut it off. Only difference was my friends were trying forever to say I looked ridiculous and to but I was too stubborn haha

  4. I grew mine because as a broke college student, I couldn’t pay for costly relaxers. But once I got reacquainted with my curls, I knew I’d never relax it again.

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