13 comments on “8 Favorite Manhattan Coffee Shops

  1. I’m definitely checking out some of these coffee shops. And thank you for adding their yelp pages! I think first on my list is Boule and Cherie. I love the marquee lights and the aesthetics of the place. Also Ralph’s looks pretty cool. I think this place would be perfect to visit around Christmas time. Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m sitting in Boule & Cherie right now as I type, and it’s absolutely wonderful. Definitely check it out! And you’re absolutely right: Ralph’s would be PERFECTION at Christmas time!

  2. Why Not is hands down my favorite coffee shop in the city, there are a few others in the area I’d definitely suggest checking out: Spreadhouse, Ost, and Box Kite.

    • I love Ost when I can get a seat, ha! I haven’t even heard of Spreadhouse and Box Kite, so I’m excited to check those out now. Thank you!

      • -and when the wifi is working. Definitely check out those two and let me know what you think!

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