10 comments on “Brunch in New York – What’s up with that?

  1. I, too, thoroughly enjoy brunch. Mostly for the same reasons but sometimes just because I do not wake up early enough to call my first meal breakfast. I haven’t heard of the places you linked to so now I have new places to go!
    Also I love that you started with the definition of brunch.

  2. Ha! Brunch really is a lifestyle in New York! I work at a restaurant in Soho where brunch is a really big deal, and it’s hilarious to see the madness that ensues on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Also, brunch food is delicious!

    Pardon My French has been on my list to try! I’ll have to make my way there soon when I’m not working brunch myself.

    • It’s an interesting phenomena and seems to only be gaining traction. People love the idea of brunch (especially anything bottomless) and most restaurants have picked up on this. It’s definitely a fun thing to witness.

  3. You are so right, brunch has become a lifestyle in NY… you should do Soho house next time you do go… I went during the summer time a couple of times and couldn’t complain

    • Love Soho House! Definitely adds to the exclusivity aspects of brunch, not only needing reservations but often a membership for some places.

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