6 comments on “Missing Paris…or maybe not.

  1. Happy to hear that you enjoyed New York! Personally, I have never been to Paris but I would love to visit one day!

    • Thank you ! I am sure you will like it, so many things to see. But people say that parisians are rude… lol

  2. The closest I got to Paris, was when I visited London; Paris is on my bucket list now. I also heard a rumor about the rudeness and the crazy chefs that take offense when you add more salt to your food. (myth or fact?)

    • The rudeness is probably true, above all if you compare parisians to new yorkers. But chefs its a MYTH. I never heard about that haha

  3. That is funny. I’ve been living here since August and for nothing in the world I want to head back to Paris. Ok, maybe just 1 month for the summer but the Parisian life is too overwhelming for me !

    • One month left and I am already pissed to go back. Thanks God I will be in the Ivory Coast by end of June ! But still I love Paris

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