14 comments on “My Coming Out Experience

    • Probably would have taken it back if i did haha. “HAHA JK IM NOT GAY GUYS HAHAH HAHAHA *uncomfortable laughing continues*”

  1. Wow this is great !!! I love reading stories like this because it truly encourages others to come out and be who they really are, one of my closest friends is gay but he has never actually said it, I don’t wanna pressure him nor ask him if he is because I know he is, hopefully with time he gains your same courage and comes out ❤

    • Yeah especially within the asian community being gay is a huge stigma. Part of the reason why I came out was to help others see that there others out there like them

  2. You are truly inspirational! This was a beautiful story and I am so happy you shared it with us 🙂

  3. I’m glad I was able to spark a little inspiration in you! This post was very deep (something that I struggle to do) but it was great and I’m so happy with the amount of love and support you were able to see that surrounds you. You’re amazing in so many ways and deserve to be happy! Also, “i’m not afraid to cut a bitch if i have to” HAHAH preach brotha! Rock on!

  4. These are beautiful words! It’s very powerful how you extract these sentences from deep inside you, without frein or shame. It shows how understanding of your own-self you are, and how it makes you invincible! It’s also very smart and well written! 🙂

  5. Dear Simon,

    You literally make everyone around you feel so comfortable and content with themselves. And being different is that much more of a testament to expressing your awesome personality. I’ve already told you about your genuineness and honesty that I appreciate so much! I’m happy to have met you and worked with you because little do you know how much you have taught me this semester. & yes, I am even thankful that you ‘checked me once or twice’. HAHA 🙂 Your courage to share this post as well as the inspiration from @devinzacchino is such a fulfilling feeling to all of us as a class to also be courageous with how we express our deepest thoughts. So, thank you for that! ❤

    The End Sappy Mini Letter Cause It Is 2AM …

  6. I had just one word coming in my mind right after reading you : Wow !
    I find that it is so brave of you, and this directly from the bottom of your heart. I think you already know that, but you don’t live for the others, you are living for yourself and for the ones you love. This is that simple. The rest, you shouldn’t give a f***.
    Thanks for this beautiful true story ! 🙂

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