5 comments on “Take Her Swimming On The First Date

  1. These dudes are just jealous they can’t contour! Jokes aside, I identify myself as a feminist. My girlfriend just got into all of this makeup stuff, and she constantly talks about all these products like its a weapon: mac201439a4 brush, its so funny. What men don’t realize is that this stuff has been around for awhile. I think theres a fine line between wearing makeup to empower and embrace your beauty and wearing it to look completely new (pics 2 and 3 are crazy! ). I do think these men are reluctant to date heavy makeup users because it denotes someone who is too high maintenance, so the lazy dude feels threatened with that.

    • In class, I was happy to hear you’re among the few men who are feminist and actually know the definition! It became an ugly word in the media.

    • I forgot to add that you are right about contouring being around for years. However, it was mostly used on men in drag. Now women have embraced it!

  2. Not just young men! Although, it’s true, it takes more time to be comfortable with who you are and for those around you to look past the look and go for the things that matter. That said, I had no idea you could do this kind of thing outside of Photoshop. I guess seeing really isn’t believing anymore!

    • I agree! It does take time for people to become comfortable with who they are, but with so many things available to keep them from achieving the level of confidence they need on their own, it takes much longer to accept themselves.

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