11 comments on “How I Discovered I love Blogging

    • LOL OMG Simon Im dead.
      I was actually wondering what you and other classmate would think that I ONLY used pictures that have been posted on the blog. I have to tell you, that blog you wrote about your dad made me cry a little and STILL continues to be my favorite blog that has been written here.

      • Thanks! That post was a little hard to write but i’m glad that you enjoyed it 🙂

      • I more than enjoyed, I totally felt you 100% were you were at. Thats exactly what I mean when I wrote this blog, I felt that when people were honest and genuine that I could relate and really meet people were they were at

  1. I’m gonna be hella real right now, I love it cause I talk about myself, super-centered but also introverted – so blogging is the ideal action! Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

  2. I feel like everybody enjoys blogging at least a little and the best part about it is making connections with awesome people that you never would have even spoken to if you never started blogging!

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