18 comments on “One day in Paris (Olala style)

  1. @jcosma You have to visit the Latin Quarter! It is near the Cathedral of Notre Dame, on St. Michel. I was there every week during my trip in Paris and I always found something new to do. I have a couple of business cards I picked up throughout my trip that I can share with you. Ahhh, Paris is dreamy. You’ll fall in love.

    • Thanks ! That is so awesome. Thank you so much for the tip. I sure will include it in my itinerary. Is there another place you went to that you really liked?

      • I was dying to go to the South of France or to the city of Bordeaux. You can take the train there and book tickets online, voyages-sncf.com. It was highly recommended to me when I was there.

  2. Jullien, Thank you sooo much!! This is so cool and awesome. I loved this blog! I really appreciate it.Le Café Etienne Marce seems so cool, i KNOW I will def go there while im in Paris. Ill send you pictures via Twitter of my lunch there!
    Rosa Bonheur- Is that supposed to be a restaurant? Kind of looks like one but I thought it was a nice little boat ride across le seine?

    • Rosa bonheur is more of a bar. Somewhere you go to grab a glass of rosé at the end of a long day walking around. I love it mostly because it’s so close to where I live (and I don’t have to drive to go back home ah!). I’m sure you’ll love it!!

      Please tweet about your trip! You’re gonna have so much fun I don’t want to miss a bit of it. X

  3. My sis and I will be staying in a room right next to the Notre Dame Cathedral. But if we wanted to go out of Paris, what transportation could we take?

    • I would use uber if I were you. It’s cheaper than regular taxi and at night it’s the most convenient. The subway closes around 1am I think…

      • 44h wow I did not know that France had Uber. Thats good to know. And you can use it with the same app and everything? Do I have to download a french version?

      • I’m sure our French classmates that were in Paris last Christmas know about it!! HELP US GUYS!!

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