5 comments on “Facebook Hides Some of Your Messages in Secret Place–Follow Steps to Unlock.

  1. Good tips!! I check my hidden messages VERY rarely and every time I do I have some amazing surprises (good but mostly VERY bad). Can’t wait to do it rn!

  2. Even though I no longer have a Facebook account, I think its great that you shared this tip. I’ve read (I can’t remember where) that Snap Chat has more access to your personal information than users think is necessary, which is why I’ve been so hesitant to download certain apps.

    • Why thank you 🙂

      Smart-phones in my opinion are the access key to your life, period. I think if someone wants information, they will get it–just look at the FBI and Apple case, FBI breached Apple’s OS and have yet to tell them what it is (for them to update their security loop-hole).

  3. This is crazy, I had no idea! Just another reason for me to dislike Facebook, haha. Kind of scared to check mine but now I have to!

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