4 comments on “Mind Over Health

  1. I wrote a paper about this last semester. In the beginning you mentioned the effect celebrities have on society and how these tea detox posts on Instagram may be the reason for the increase in life style change. Well you are absolutely right! Teens and young adults are constantly exposed to these sort of posts even from the most popular it-girl herself, Kylie Jenner. Many young girls aspire to be like her and have her shape, so what better way than to purchase the things she uses to achieve this.

    • Glad there are others out there who back it up! I know, and it’s sad because people get brain washed and businesses make tons of money of off it.

  2. I think a healthy life is required, but nowadays this has become a real business and sometimes it is a bit to much. People should be a minimum careful but still enjoy all the good things that life has to offer !

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