9 comments on “Going-going back-back to Cali-Cali!

  1. Lucky you !!!
    Ahaha I like that you use the opportunity of your post for your apartment announce 😉

  2. May 24th is my 21st BIRTHDAY! Fortunately for me Ill be in Paris by then. Anyway, congratulations, I wish you the best. I love this post, I love the positivity and the mood of the blog. I love how confident you are that things will turn out well. Enjoy at Cali

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words. You’re going to Paris?? School or fun? Lmk if you need any recommendations for fun places to hang out/cute things to do. I spent quite a bit of time there ahah 🙂

      So exciting for 21st BD as well. I just turned 21 when I first moved to America (perfect timing ahah). What are you gonna do?? I remember I was freaking out 2 month before my BD (I still do, every year… It’s my fav day of the year obviously). You need to do something MAAAJJJ if you’re in Paris.

      • My sister and I are going to Paris to celebrate my 21st B-day there. So we are only going for Fun. I actually decided to start a travel blog dedicated to this trip I’m taking to Europe in May. So I would LOVEEEEEE some tips and tricks of what to do at the city.
        Right now we are concerned with the transportation issue. We have no idea how to get to Versailles. Or how long the lines are for the Louvre. Last time I went it was with a tour but I heard some people had to wait 3 hours to get in. What a waste of time.
        And please let me know about your fav restaurants and hang out spots. And I really appreciate the help!!

      • A trip is always a good idea for a BD. You guys will have SO MUCH FUN (obviously).

        I think you couldn’t be in a better class to ask for tips and tricks about Paris! I believe more than half of us was born there.

        I don’t think I should give you a list in this comment. It’s such a good idea for a post actually. Let me write it and we can all discuss in comments. Fun fun fun!

        About Versailles, I think the best bet is the bus (it shouldn’t take more than 45 mins to an hour). But I’m pretty sure a subway can take you to the chateau too. Let me look into it. I’m the worst I drive everywhere ahah! It also depends on where you are staying. What arrondissement will you guys be in?

      • Wow, I have no idea what arrondissement means! But we will be staying at this couples aprtment we found via Airbnb.
        I would love to read a blog about Paris. I will probably end up writting one as we get closer to the day we go!

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