5 comments on “The Unexpected Strike

  1. WOW That’s actually a really cool story! I love stories like that. I actually want to join a team and have a similar experience. Im thinking either gymnastics or something that allows me to become really flexible with time. lol

    • It really is awesome participating in a team like that and if you find something that you enjoy doing and find some time for it, definitely do it!

      • I will, for me its about having enough dicipline to get as good at it as you are at bowling

  2. Nice dude! I always sucked at bowling.. I am that guy that put up the bumper guards and still, manages to throw the bowling ball into another lane. #TrueStory

  3. We all have to start somewhere. There was one time I actually tried rolling the ball and I didn’t let go of it. Luckily I stopped myself from rolling down the lane!

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