2 comments on “Living life with a Dota 2 addiction.

  1. As a result of always associating gaming with with consoles such as the Playstation and the Xbox, I’ve never really turned to my PC for gaming. Do you have any suggestions for a good game to get a feel for PC gaming?

    • Well it depends on what type of games your like to play but if you like MOBA or ARTS style games you should try DOTA 2 or League of Legends. Both are free but in League of Legends you have to pay for each character and other in game cosmetic items whereas in DOTA 2 all of the characters are free and you just have pay real money for cosmetic items. All the really popular titles are typically on Steam like Bioshock Infinite, Fallout 4 etc. You should definitely collect games through Steam though. It’s like an iTunes for gaming where you collect games in a library and even if you get a new computer you can redownload the games and play because it’s synced to your Steam library

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