10 comments on “Before Purchasing Your Next Electronic Item, You Need to Know This.

  1. I’ve never thought of checking prices outside of U.S. when purchasing electronics because I always expected there to be high shipping costs.

    • You would be surprised, it’s all marketing tactics that make these items cost so much. If we were to see how much it actually cost to make them, it would pain our eyes. lol

  2. This is really good stuff. I’m glad to read this, unfortunately I can’t travel to thailand for a camera!

  3. TEAM NIKON!!!! Lol, just kidding. Definitely won’t be travelling to Thailand any time soon but hey if I do and happen to have a couple extra hundred dollars for a camera (which i actually desperately need) then I’ll let you now how my experience goes! 😉

    • Nikon is cool, but Canon has my heart… I am considering buying the Canon lens mug for my morning coffee/tea… They look awesome !

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