5 comments on “Home Clean Home

  1. You’re so lucky and blessed you love being home so much! For me, going back “home” to Long Island is nothing but a hassle for me. I don’t consider it home anymore, I consider Manhattan my home but I’m okay with it and I love it! But I totally agree with all the other people getting drunk on Miami beach or on a massive cruise ship… I thought we were all broke college students and that we were in this together, what happened to that?! Anyways, enjoy your week home with your family

    • Thank you for your comment Devin! All through the semester I’m constantly pushing my friends to do exciting things in the city but it’s “too expensive”, so I guess some people are only broke college students when they want to be lol

  2. Its such beautiful place.
    It is always good to get home after long.
    My home is 7000+ miles away from here and I wish I had such flexibility to get there easily.

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