11 comments on “Tips Aren’t Extra – Restaurant Woes

  1. I myself am too a server, and have been for almost 2 years now. I totally understand where your coming from, especially if it’s a busy night and that table could have been a higher paying bill. However, if it’s a slow night and I have empty tables then I don’t mind. I’ll leave them alone the whole time until they flag me down because like you said – they usually can’t be bothered with a waiter! But on a busy night, there’s definitely nothing worse! Hit up that Starbucks!

    • Yeah, if we have a bunch of tables, I’ll let someone drink coffee… but if we’re on a wait – forget about it!

  2. Didn’t know where all the tipping money goes to. Did someone actually put lol on their receipt after you served them, or did you get that pic online?

  3. I’ve never really understood this American thing. Tips are so from another for us European people and it is so hard to get used to with it… Also I think that sometimes people are very selfish and don’t really care, that makes me feel bad for the servers 😦

    • I think it’s just that – some people aren’t aware of how much it effects the day to day life of someone just working for tips

  4. I actually saw this somewhere and I remember feeling infuriated. I think a lot of people fail to realize that waiters and people in customer service are actually human beings and not just their slaves

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