6 comments on “New iPhone 7, Release Dates and Rumors

  1. It kind of blows my mind that there’s such a thing called Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Technology. That sounds like something that’s straight out of a sci fi movie. What a time to be alive

  2. So does bluetooth technology consume more battery? I have embraced wireless headphones (for working out), but I still mainly use the regular headphones because the wireless pair is another *&#$ing thing to charge! Ugh, I’m gonna be one of those haters then love it.

    • Bluetooth technology definitely takes up more battery, specially if you use bluetooth headphones! But i rather take some battery drainage for no wire getting in my way while lifting or running.

  3. This makes my nerdy side go CRAZY. I agree with Kevin though, this seems like something that would be battery draining. As if that wasn’t enough of a problem… I feel like Apple has a habit of trying to invent new things that are eye opening and exciting but pretty much refuse to fix every day issues that all of their products have. (God awful battery, extreme data consumption, ease of cracking the screen) but don’t get me wrong, this is still super exciting!

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