8 comments on “Chivalry is not Dead

  1. Jenny . I loved reading your post as last week I wont about anti-valentines but I would rather say I am totally up for this.
    It would be such a blessing to have friends and sister like this.
    And I love to read about your experiences.

    • Ruchicca, wow thats so sweet. Thank you so much!I also really love reading your blogs. I think you post really cool stuff.

  2. What an awesome experience, class act from the gentlemen. Seems like you have fun people in your circle.. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I loved this post, I am also christian and it feels good to know I am not the only one ! Plus your post are always on point

    • Audrey,
      Thank you!! i love blogging its so much fun!
      I am happy to hear that you are a christian, and you are definitely not alone! There is an entire ministry just for university students in Manhattan that I am part of. If you want you can come to events with me!

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