8 comments on “My Top 15 of 2015

  1. omg i love deadwater! i played this like over and over all summer. I definitely have to look into all these other songs! Do you like Fickle Friends?

    • Deadwater is awesome! I’ve never heard of Fickle Friends but I just listened to “SWIM” and I love it! I gotta check out the rest of their music!

  2. I am kinda sad you didn’t put anything about Troye Sivan since his album is getting released in less then a week. I will have to try out your other suggestions.

    • I didn’t want to include who I have already written about because then it would’ve turned into a Top 50 of 2015 tbh lol. But I am super excited about his album! I’ve had Youth on repeat for the past couple of days.

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