10 comments on “The Struggles of a Tattooed Woman

  1. I know. I was judged by a few clients on my tattoos when I used to work of L’oreal and I hated it. One guy literally pulled up my shirt sleeve to see my tattoos and made an unnecessary comment about it. @jennifervanessa1

  2. I completely agree but I think guys can have the same issue, just in different situations. I have a friend who is an ex tattoo artist turned nurse and sometimes his patients don’t take to his tattoos very well.

  3. I totally agree with your thoughts. During my high school years, w/o hesitation and careful thinking, I decided to get meaningless tattoos just because I thought it’d be cool and now as I get older, the level of regret grows… Great post!

    • I think you should cover it up with something meaningful or get it removed. Honestly I can’t have a tattoo I regret on me for a long time. I have one on my thigh that I will be coving up in December and I am also finishing my sleeve to.@doagy

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