8 comments on “A Different Life

  1. It can be a bit of a chore reading through long posts. I never really regret taking the time to read yours, though. I love the mention of your cell phone at the end. I remember not having a worry in the world, as a kid. Life was much more natural. It seems as though everything revolves around staying digitally connected these days. It’s nice but back in the day, you knew who was really there for you. You would actually have to physically put yourselves in each others lives, unlike the superficial gestures people do these days. Anyway, before we moved to where I live now, there were six of us living in a tiny, two bedroom apartment. It may not seem like much but my favorite memories are from that period in my life. Sometimes it is the less glamorous portions of our lives that tend to make us the happiest, wonder why everyone else hasn’t caught on yet.

    • I totally agree. Some of my happiest moments have been from my life back in Sri Lanka. Life was definitely less glamorous, but somehow more happy.Also, thank you for your comments on my posts. It makes my day when I can connect with even one person through my writing.

      • I find that sometimes the less you have really makes you appreciate what is important. When I went to the Philippines even the homeless were so happy. They were so content with what they had. It was inspirational in many ways to leave the US for a while.

  2. You definitely have the talent of story telling. This is a great message you are sending. A message that many people our age take for granted simply because we are so used to having it there. Family is definitely something we have to prioritize and always make time for.

  3. The post is truly heart touching, thinking about my father reading your post I truly remember how he use to pamper when he was live. It really left me in moments of thought and miss him a lot more.

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