7 comments on “Pho in Flushing

  1. Thanks for the adress, I was looking for a good Pho in town since I arrived! Btw this is what we usually have for breakfast in Vietnam but it’s so good be even have it for snacks lol!
    My favorite Pho is the Pho dac biet, they got it there ?

    • Oh, you’re from Vietnam? That’s so cool! That also puts so much pressure on me, I hope you like it there haha! If Pho dac biet is the one with raw beef, tendon, brisket and tripe, they do have it there. That is my favorite one to get because I love tripe! Most places in Flushing that sell Pho are not run by Vietnamese people, so I don’t know how authentic it may be. Often times they are run by Chinese or Korean owners. One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants (never had their Pho here) is Saigon Market in Union Square on University Place. They have really good cha gio, bun xao and their suong nuong is okay too (i prefer it sweeter though). I didn’t know they eat Pho for breakfast! Must be great on cold mornings. Thanks for reading!

      • You seem to have so much adress! Please give me!! I haven’t been to any asian since I got here and I am missing it sooo much! Do you know any Com tam place? it’s my favourite vn dish!!
        Sorry for the late response, I am still a super novice blogger >.<
        PS: if you life sweet you need to try ban ran, the best ones are covered with caramel!!

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