8 comments on “In <3 with Bubble Tea !

  1. omg i love bubble tea! i love chatime it’s so addictive and i love it so much! My favourite is the regular pearl milk tea. You should check out Gong Cha and CoCo, it’s as good and they serve food as well!

    • Thanks for adress, the one i normally go to (chattime) don’t serve food -_-‘!
      Personally I have it without milk cuz it’s a bit heavy for me so I didn’t put it on the recepie but it’s good to mention it for ppl who normally drink tea with milk 😉

  2. I love bubble tea too! I am definitely going to visit these two places. I also recommend Canal Street for great bubble tea for they have the best bubble teas in the city!

  3. I always go to VIVI. Theres also this really great place uptown by the 125th station on Broadway if you’re ever around there. It’s called Culture Tea Bar and you’d easily walk passed it if you weren’t looking for it, but the bubble tea and pastries are amazing!

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