4 comments on “Apple’s I watch, an useless fad?

  1. I don’t think the apple watch is all that great either. It’s so tiny that even if it was really useful I bet most of your time would be spent pressing wrong buttons anyway. Also, for those of us who believe in and experience trypophobia, the design setup on the iWatch is really gross.

    • Yes I totally agree with the text/typography for the new Iwatch. It simply is impossible to do and simply why buy it when you have a smart phone that does more things than the watch does? I just really don’t get it…

  2. I personally admire the look of the iWatch compared to the other Android-based smartwatches. But in terms of its functions, I don’t think it’s so important or necessary to own one. I don’t own one myself but I have friends who spent a huge amount of money on the iWatch and regret buying it later on because of how useless it is, really

  3. I agree with you on the Iwatch being the product with the best design out there for smartwatches and I also agree with you on the watch’s necessity.

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