4 comments on “Top Three Korean Restaurants in New York

  1. I’ve been to Jongro and Grace Street a lot, but I definitely have to try Cho Dang Gol. My favorite dish (aside from Korean fried chicken) hands down, has to be dukbokki. I’ve seen it spelled as tteokbokki, and I was curious, is there a difference between them?

    Anyway, I love ordering it slathered with cheese, its the best! Although, I will admit sometimes its TOO spicy!

  2. omg I love Korean food!! I live in Flushing Queens and there are a lot of Korean Restaurant and I think they are amazing! specially all those soups and congee that they make are so delicious! I cant wait to go to Korea and try the real Korean food

  3. I have only tried Korean food once with my cousin and it was in this area (K-Town if i’m correct?). I really loved the food and definitely will look at one of these three restaurants next time i’m craving Korean food!

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