10 comments on “Brooklyn Botanical – Sakura Matsuri

  1. No wonder! I was at an event last night and there were so many people in costumes walking around. I think its pretty cool.

    • You were probably hella confused! They were all taking a lot of those japanese pose pictures among the bamboo and trees.

  2. I wen to Japan last year for 4 months, and I love this country and this culture. their gardens are beautiful !

    • I’ve never been, but my next out of country vacation will most likely be there. They are beautiful!

    • Thanks! It was kind of hard to get good shots because they’re was so much people ruining it, but it was pretty awesome.

  3. I went to the Brooklyn Botanical gardens in the fall for the first time ever. Its so beautiful and this festival looks awesome as the brooklyn botanical gardens being the hosting place.

  4. That’s pretty cool that you went. Was it chilly? I suggest even trying to go during the winter, especially when those winter blues hit because the climate in the glasshouses replicate hot desert or tropical climates. No cold at all!

  5. I’ve been to something like this in Central Park a couple years ago. The drummers were awesome!

  6. I was looking forward to attending the festival but missed it sadly. I did get lucky and went this past weekend to go see the sakura trees and they were beautiful. It’s a disappointment that they actually didn’t serve more Japanese food.

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