4 comments on “Red Carpet Event – Alt Spring Break

  1. Water is an essential part of life, this is very interesting as we normally take things like this for granted. I’m gonna sign up and ask for more info in class tomorrow! Also gonna see if it could count as extra credit towards our journalism class.

    p.s. Is it awful if I found the “thirst” category and tag hilarious? The word is forever ruined for me.

    • Haha yes I know what you mean it forever has a hilarious meaning to it

      But definitely sign up for the event

      It’s free it’s going to be great !

  2. I want to know all about your trip!!! I am definitely applying next year, i’m sure it was incredible and I love that you guys are presenting about it!

    • Definitely apply ! You can even apply at the event to get a head start ! It’s free so why not !

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