2 comments on “Are you gay?

  1. Having taken a very interesting sociology course regarding sexuality my freshman year, I have learned to understand that sexuality and gender identifications/expectations doesn’t always add up. As you say, just because a guy has a “feminine” side, does not give anyone the right to assume his sexual preferences, and no matter what those preferences may be, it really is no one else’s business.

    I’m sorry to hear that your mother took so long to accept who you are, but it is nice that you and your brother has such a strong bond and I am happy to hear you’ve had a better experience with expressing yourself in college. I’ve heard many stories about how people are struggling with such issues in the U.S., and it seems a lot harder for people to be accepted for who they are here, than what I’ve experienced with my friends who are part of the LGBT community in Copenhagen.

    Growing up in Denmark, I was never really aware of the struggle, seeing as gay marriage was legalized in 1989, two years before I was born. There is no difference between loving someone of the opposite or same sex, and I’m appalled by the fact that it took New York this long to legalize same sex marriage and that people still stigmatize homosexuality.

    This was a really long comment, so I’ll sum up: Don’t let the haters get you down, we all know they are in the wrong. Love who you are and love who you want, because really, that is all that matters in life.

  2. I think you are very strong for coming out, and dealing with so much throughout your life. Also, did you draw that picture on the bottom? It is quite beautiful!

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