5 comments on “Yes, that’s right, I said I want to gain weight…

  1. Good for you! And don’t just think about it as adding weight, you are making your body much stronger by working out and if you can get a bit of competition going with yourself as to how much you can lift, it can actually be quite fun. I am sure you will do great and I look forward to seeing your progress on the blog.

  2. Don’t worry, everyone has their body-image issues so don’t feel bad. Its what makes you feel most comfortable that matters, so gain that weight if it’s what you feel is best for you 🙂

    • Yea definitely .. No one will ever be fully happy with themselves it’s just human nature. But we can come pretty close when we forget about what everyone else thinks.

  3. Oh my god preach I’ve been ‘skinny fat’ my whole life and had people always tell me that I should eat more ; I obviously do eat my closest friends say I eat as much as a “truck driver”. I am plagued with fast metabolism too.

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