10 comments on “City Cupcakes

  1. Go back to Georgetown Cupcakes and try the earl grey tea cupcake. It is so good! Since you’re a red velvet fan, like I am, go back to Magnolia and try out their red velvet cheesecake. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

    • I’m not a big tea fan but I’ll maybe give it a try so! And I’ll try the red velvet cheesecake for sure thanks!

  2. My favorite cupcakes are from Crumbs! I love their cream cheese icing! Which place is your favorite?

    • Yeah I really need to taste some more Crumbs cupcakes! As I said in the article ‘best for last’ for Geogetown : )

  3. Magnolia was def in my top until I discovered Cafe Angelique !! If you are in the west village on bleecker this is def a place you want to find yourself for cupcake treat!! The cupcakes are stuffed which is crazy delicuios and always fresh. I def recommend the red velvet there and the Cookie Monster . Have you tried the ATM yet?!

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