10 comments on “Smoking Hot. . Or Not?

  1. Loved your aticle !
    It is quite crazy to see that.
    I think it depends on each country. Since I m in the US, I see that cigarettes is more well looked than in Europe. In France, a LOT of people smoke !
    I really think smoking is a “social activities”. I could observe that at work and school above all. When you smoke, you need to take break and generally you meet other smokers at the same time. It is a bit stupid but sometime, I need cigarette to make me do something. Like if I m waiting for someone, I feel like so stupid to wait without doing nothing, when I smoke, it is different.

    I though guys were more peaceful about cigarettes than women.

    • I completely agree with you. I do see it as a social activity. Back in Malaysia, a lot of people smoke too and smoking is permitted in a lot of public places. I guess it really does depend on the country and the community there.

  2. Personally, I do not find smoking attractive! LOL! I fully agree with the point of view of the social experiment, but I actually was pleasantly surprised to see such a gap between each side. The idea behind the experiment is very interesting- thanks so much for posting!

    • I thought the experiment was really interesting, as well! Was interesting to find out how people within our age group perceives smoking.

  3. I would agree, look wise smoking doesn’t attract me. For most people it is a social activity but i have observed some forums with people holding cigarettes in pictures in act to look better? Observing things like this myself, I def understand the purpose of this video.

    • Yeah I do believe it is a social activity. I have seen those as well and I don’t really understand that. For me, it’s a vice, or an addiction for a lot of people, and for them, it’s not something they do to look “cool”.

  4. Great blog post!! I thought this was a clever social media experiment by Tinder since it is the number one dating app. I do have a similar perception to girls who smoke. Since I do not smoke, I find it to be a bit of a turn off when I see a girl smoking but that is just my opinion.

    • I think that’s a common opinion people have about it. There are obviously a lot of negative effects of smoking, so naturally it would be something unappealing to those who see it, especially non-smokers.

  5. very interesting topic. Love it!
    In my opinion I do not find smoking attractive and when I seek for a partner I look for non-smoker one. I would really want to see the same experiment done on men. I believe the result would be close equal. What do you think?

    • I would really love to see it done on men. Based on what I’ve noticed, people seem to be more turned off by females smoking than they would be towards guys. It might not be the general perception of it, it’s just what I’ve seen before. But it would really be interesting to see the results of an experiment like that.

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