7 comments on “Summer Plans

  1. I hope the weather will be nice when you will be on vacation. I don’t like One Direction because I think this music is too goodwill…
    Good luck with your next interviews for TV and Radio fields.

    • I am actually nervous about the weather considering they said it may hotter and a lot more rain. Thank you, hope they go well.

  2. Your holidays sounds good !
    You’re so luck to go to Florida ! I’d love to leave a bit New York this summer but as you, I have to work and my next internships starts in june : no holidays for me this year 😦 So enjoy for me as well 🙂

  3. Your set for the summer! Good for you. I have to get my plans together and writing them down is not a bad idea. I am just ready for this semester to come to a end so I can go away for vacation. I am so excited and can not wait until the last day of classes.

    • Thank you. I was curious to see if I actually had anything plan, so I was like let me write them down. I am with you 100% because I am so over this semester as well. Hope you have an wonderful summer.

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