11 comments on “The Coachella Diet

  1. Coachella is one of my dream festivals. The line up is always incredible. However I had no idea of all those crazy stuffs you are talking about in your article! Why would you pay around $500 (or more) for a festival if it’s only to pretend to be a ‘skinny hippie chic’ for a week-end. How stupid. I can’t wait to hear about the great performances some bands are going to give though. (even though i’m always pissed to miss them ahah)

    • Haha it’s becoming like the “place to be seen”. For $500, that seems like way too much for me to just be seen in some hippie clothes, but I guess some people are into it! I’ll be on the computer this weekend watching all the performances live on YouTube!

  2. The funny thing is when I thought I was still going , I did this exact thing!!!!!!! Literally I have been going to the gym for 4 weeks , I bought protein, green tea, brown rice, vegetables , and salad and then Sadly my boyfriend couldn’t come to america anymore so no Coachella for me 😦 .. And right back to junk food . I’ve missed 🍔🍟🍕 lol maybe next year

    • You should’ve stayed on it! If you had been doing it for quite some time, then it clearly wasn’t a crash diet. Keep up with it and get healthy and fit for the summer. Bikini season is near!

  3. You can definitely do Coachella on a more affordable and still fashionable budget! It’s all in the preparation. 🙂

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