9 comments on “Juicing in the City

  1. Good luck on your cleanse!
    I’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse! But they are all so expensive. I make an effort to make green smoothies once a week just to try and be a little healthier.

  2. I never tried juicing but I have been thinking about it recently. I don’t know which one to choose from because there are so many different green companies and cleansing companies that are creating this juicing trend. Maybe I will try this one.

    • I know there is a lot! This has been one of the most talked about brands from my friend group so I would definitely recommend giving it a try!

  3. I’ve always wondered how these juices taste! I don’t mind eating vegetables themselves, but drinking them in a liquid form has not been something I’m too eager to try! LOL! How do you think they taste?

    • They are okay! Some of the juices are better than others but I have to agree that the first day you need to “get use” to the taste!

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