8 comments on “Franco Exposed

  1. I think this was a scandal because if it was not, he wouldn’t say what he said at the interview. Anyhow I felt sorry for him.

    • Exactly, even though he had admitted it there was still some speculation as to if it was the truth or not.

  2. That sucks. These celebrities constantly put their self in trouble. What in the world gave him the idea to try to have any relations with a 17 year old girl. There are so many women that are attractive to James Franco, ones that are over the age limit but he rather choose a under age girl. These are the stories I just do not understand and It seem like this will continue to happen. I would of thought it was a lie however, he admitted to it and apologized so he knows what he’s done and the impact it has on his fans. This is crazy.

    • You are absolutely right. You think he would be smart enough to realize that he can’t have any relationship with an underage girl. Whether he knows how to work social media or not, it is still wrong.

    • I am starting to think he wouldn’t put up a lie for this long, especially since it is hurting his career and reputation.

  3. I think that this was a scandal. The proof is in the text messages and there is even a picture of him. I do not understand why a celebrity would want to be with an underage girl anyway. I’m sure there are a lot of overage women who would want to be him. Just a weird story…

    • When I first heard about, I thought my friend was joking when she told me. But when I went to go check it out, I was confused. I do not know how he is making a joke out of it now when it is something serious.

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