6 comments on “Sell Yourself!

  1. Great post! I’m actually in the same shoes as you are. The search and process isn’t easy but its going. I’m a Communications Fine Arts major so it’s not only about finding a job or internship but also about who know that can help you. Networking is the key, I certainly wish you all the best!!

    • Thank you, I know I need some extra luck on my side right now. That is really true, networking and knowing the right people is really important. All the best to you too!

      • No problem, you get where you need to be. Just continue to work hard and faith. Thank you!

  2. I completely agree that selling yourself can be kind of difficult sometimes. Since becoming a student worker at Career Services at NYIT, I have learned my own traits and other factors that I can contribute when networking. If you ever have any questions, let me know or stop by the Career Services Office.

  3. I am not applying for a summer internship but just getting your foot in the door is definitely more than just having a good education and resume. It is vital to show a company that you have the qualities they are looking for. Good luck on your internship hunt!

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