7 comments on “New York Students: Your Fun Budget

  1. I already know of your love of Groupon! I recently decided it was about time I went and got a haircut, and I found an amazing and impossible deal on Groupon. Haircut + wash + blow-out + botanical treatment, all for just $39! The salon is in Soho and has amazing reviews on Yelp. And if that wasn’t enough, Groupon was having a promotion/discount which included $10 off any purchase. If that isn’t a steal, I don’t know what is!

    • hahah see its not too bad! and you get some great deals. I now swear by Pulsd! Its the events you don’t hear about that are too good not to go to! They had a free meet and greet with Rachel zoe this week…you just have to rsvp early. But they have a lot of exclusive events you can go to without having to “know someone” to get in!

  2. Groupon has its advantages and weaknesses. I bought a coupon when I was in Paris, it was valid only if you made a call to agree an appointment. I couldn’t reach them while I didn’t stop calling them… I decided to go there as it wasn’t far from home. Unfortunately, the shop wasn’t open and there was no contact to talk with them. I didn’t enjoy my coupon and I don’t want to try this experience anymore…

    • Yeah it a hit and miss but I always ask for a refund when so,etching goes wrong , at least on gilt ! And their customer service is really good

  3. I love this post!! My girlfriend uses Groupon a lot, and my mom has been obsessed with Gilt for a while too! I’ll be sure to tell them about the others that you listed. Do you know if any of these sites ever have tickets for Broadway shows/Knicks games?

    • Hey dan.. I know pulsd has Lincoln center ballet ones and there are some broadway on gilt .. There are some on there now . You know what you should also try ? “How about we date: couples ” great deals for couples too! And there are games too! It’s discounts for couples to do together really cool and you get a month free trail and get free dates

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