5 comments on “Have you ever been to Montréal?

  1. I’ve been to Montréal twice (one time during summer, one time during winter) and I love this city ! I’m actually going again at the end of May and I’ve never been to Olive & Gourmando so thanks for the info, I’ll check it out !

  2. I’ve been to Montréal for the first time 3 months ago to see a friend. I was impressed by this city. I ate a Poutine for the first time 🙂
    If i can i would love to go back to Montréal

  3. I haven’t been to Montreal at all! Its interesting being from America and never going to Canada the country right above us. Is there a heavy french influence there? How do you feel as someone come coming from France , visiting there? any french students can answer this

  4. I heard from many friends that seasons affect a lot the beauty of the landscapes, you are right Julie.
    Garance, I wish you a beautiful Journey in Montréal in May. I also suggest you to drink a tea at Juliette & Chocolate. It’s very tasty.
    Lea, did you finish all your Poutine? It’s so heavy for the stomach ahha.
    Vanessa, of course there is a strong French influence over there. I have been in NY for ten month now… It was so hard for me to respeak in French…

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