13 comments on “Lorde Dazzled the Roseland Ballroom

  1. Lorde is great artist, I’m definitely a fan. The album itself is solid. I personally love Glory and Gore, Still Sane and Team.

  2. Yes fight for the seats! I am a person that has know problem and is no stranger to the show! I love ga admissions lets you get up close and those kind of artist are more about the public and playing! Awesome you went 🙂 I love this girl and for being 17.. I dig it ! New Zealanders have a swag I think about their music , have you ever listened to kimber?! That’s is def an artist worthy to see .. I’m hoping I get that seat at Coachella lol cool Danny 🙂 like your experiences and stories

    • Thank you so much! I have not listened to Kimber, but I will most definitely look up some of their music! Any songs of theirs that you think I should listen to first? Also, my cousin has gone to Coachella a few times and she loves it- please let me know if you end up going and how the whole event is!

  3. Lorde is such a magnificent artist. She is still young and have the opportunity to grow which is beneficial for her career. Her voice is amazing and she knows how to move a room. I see great things coming from her in the near future and I wish her all the best.

    • I fully agree! I think she is proving to everybody that she is far from a one-hit-wonder. I can’t wait for her to start making new music already!

  4. I discovered her some month ago when she was at the MoMA’s anniversary. I’ve never heard about her before so I decided to check and indeed: she is really amazing !!!
    I think she gonna go far in her career as she is still very young and already famous with a lots of artist’s supports.

    • I did not know she was at MoMa- that is so interesting! It is so hard to believe that she is only seventeen and two years younger than me! Her songs have such a mature feel to them- I believe that’s one of the main reasons why she’ll continue to be so successful.

  5. I love her as an artist and her music I feel is different and natural. Her entire album is phenomenal so it is kind of hard to choose my favorite song. I can definately see her going a long way in her career.

    • Her music definitely is different! It is so refreshing to hear a new artist write such truly unique songs. I heard Lorde in an interview a few months ago after Royals became incredibly popular say that she purposely gave her album such a distinct sound because she wanted to make music unlike anything else in the industry until her album.

  6. After reading this, I definitely feel I need to give her whole album a listen. I only really know of her popular singles, but from there I can already tell she’s a talented artist – and at such a young age! Do you have any songs from the album to recommend to a first time listener?

    • I’m so glad you want to listen to her now! Besides Royals and Team, I would definitely suggest: Glory and Gore, A World Alone, and Tennis Court! Please let me know if you like them!

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