3 comments on ““THE SHARE ECONOMY”- because sharing is profitable

  1. That’s crazy how it is so easier now with all this kind of websites !
    Do you know Couch Surfing ? It is better than air bnb if you have really no money. You can use the couch to someone for a night or two. For example I used it once in Ireland, I bring 2 bottles of wine and stayed for free on the sofa bed of a very nice couple ! It was amazing because we talked a lot about Ireland and France, it s a good way to meet people !

  2. you would lol I think free is certainly the best way to meet cool people because they have to be some sort of nice 🙂 And couch surf is pretty safe, I remember trying to sign up for it and they are pretty extensive. I like airbnb for the privacy factor, that you can have an entire apartment to yourself with all the feel of being in your own home. The best experience I had on their was during the Olympics. We stayed in London for the summer Olympics and end up staying at a women’s place that dad was in the Olympics for sailing and won Australia’s first America’s Cup…and she designed Victoria Beckhams sunglasses..so it was a nice way to spend my first Olympics and she was cool and sometimes stopped by to get her things. You meet so really interesting people through these things as well which is great. I had the writer of girls look at my apartment on airbnb for her stay in new York while working for the show. All these things are great socially and economically 🙂

  3. I love the concept of airbnb.com. Makes it so much easier for anyone who is travelling, and provides a more authentic experience into how the local environment is of that place. And airbnb.com’s security and privacy protocols make it so safe and comfortable for both the people visiting and those offering up the apartments. I have yet to try but will consider it for my next trip!

    I had never heard of dogvacay.com, although I remember you mentioning you were housing a dog a few weeks ago – now I get it! This is so much better than putting up a pet boarding places where they probably aren’t given much freedom and attention. This must be a whole lot cheaper too. Is there one for housing cats?

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