11 comments on “The Internet Is Made Of Cats

    • I agree I can also watch cat videos online all day. They are just so cute and funny. Grumpy Cat is my all time favorite.

      • Cat videos are the best. I am guilty of watching hours and hours of cat videos and laughing till I’m on the brink of tears! Best way (in moderation) to take a break from school assignments.

  1. I find that when I do my cat blog it comes very easily. Cats are incredibly expressive. Once you get to know them, you can imagine what their feeling and saying. Coupled with their total disregard of any sense of rules that we may impose, the public embraces and roots for the rebel cat.

    • They really are expressive, that’s true. I can always imagine what my cat is thinking when she’s doing her little random things around the apartment. The fact that they just couldn’t care less about what is going on around them just makes it all the more funny.

      • If I read you correctly, it sounds like you have just one cat. If so, I’ll tell you, multiple cats add to the fun, because they feed off each other. Then after that you move into my world. I have 18. Which becomes another world of entertainment. You wrote a good article and its quite true. I launched Cats at the Bar only 7 months ago and it has been well received on a number of different sites.

      • Yes, I only have one cat at the moment – it’s all my tiny new york apartment can handle. I can’t imagine having 18 cats, but I’m sure they provide the best source of entertainment and company all throughout your day.

        I will check out Cats at the Bar, do you feature your cats there?

      • Ha ha! It is only about my cats. I hope you like it. Its mostly humor and a bit bizarre at times. I lived in NY for a few years, way back when. 104th & River Side (I think, had too much fun in those days.) 🙂

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